Our audience at smarterVENUES is predominantly men. 85% of the audience that visit our venues are men making it the ideal opportunity for brands targeting them to work with us. Also, family is extremely important to us and we have family stands in all our stadiums which gives a perfect opportunity to target them in a contextually relevant setting.

Our advertising formats allow brands to reach a male dominated audience in their leisure time. Our fans are deeply loyal to their club and others associated with it. This gives advertises a golden opportunity as the fans are more likely to engage and remember advertising if its in their club. Catching the audience when they are at their highest point means they will be more captivated by advertisement and because you know the setting it gives you a chance to tailor your message specifically to the audience. Making us one of the most unique ways to target a male audience for advertisers.

Using the latest technology and consumer insights, we amplify audience engagement and create new commercial assets for any venue. No matter what the size of the audience or the budget.


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