smarterVENUES has various football advertising options in and around Bolton Wanderers Football Club's Macron Stadium. Whether you're looking for local or national football advertising options, smarterVENUES can help. On this page you'll find out everything you need to know about advertising at Macron Stadium.


We're able to get you in front of groups of fans via  concourse 6 Sheet advertising posters. Our 6 sheets give you the chance to get what you do in front of fans while they are in groups, meaning a higher likelihood of them talking about your advertising. You don't have to advertise all the way around the stadium for your advertising to be effective; we're able to target particular groups of fans by focusing on different areas of the ground, whether that be getting your brand in front of more affluent fans by targeting the areas around the halfway line, or family ticket holders around the family zones.

Fans spend between 2 and 4 1/2 hours in the stadium per match, and these concourse options are great for catching them as they hang out discussing the game.


If you would prefer one on one engagement with the fans on matchdays then try our A3-sized posters in the washrooms. We're able to offer two different zones in our washrooms: the first zone is the urinals giving you true one on one time with the audience, while the second is the hand washing area (where our advertising posters are placed above the sinks and around hand driers).

Both zones offer high dwell times of 30-60 seconds


Bolton Wanderers Football Club aka The Trotters, The Wanderers, or The Whites. Formed as Christ Church Football Club in 1874, they adopted their current name in 1877.

The club's nickname of "The Trotters" has several claimed derivations; that it is simply a variation on "Wanderers", that one of the grounds used was next to a piggery, causing players to have to "trot" through the pigpens to retrieve the ball if it went over the fence.

The Trotters played at Burnden Park for 102 years from 1895. On 9 March 1946, 33 Bolton fans lost their lives in the Burnden Park disaster when a human rush occurred. In1992 a memorial plaque was unveiled and can be found at the site.

In 1997, Bolton moved to the Reebok Stadium, renamed the Macron Stadium in 2014, and now known as the University of Bolton Stadium.

The stadium is currently an all-seater stadium with a capacity of 28,723. The Trotters currently compete in the EFL Championship, the second tier of the English Football League.

The University of Bolton Stadium is made up of four stands; The Carrs Pasties (North) Stand at one end; the South Stand (The away end) at the other end; the West Stand at one side of the pitch; and the Nat Lofthouse (East) Stand at the other side.

A hotel forms part of the stadium’s construction and some of the rooms offer views of the pitch.

The stadium has also been used for music concerts, the UK Open Darts Championship, boxing, Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Bolton won three FA Cups in the 1920s, and a fourth in 1958. The club qualified for the UEFA Cup twice, in the 2000’s.

Average attendance 15,887
12 month aggregated audience 365,401
First game 06/08/2019
Last game27/04//2010
Number of games guaranteed in season 23
EFL League One

FormatNumber of panels
A3 Panels177
6 Sheet 33