Our in-stadia TV system used by clubs to entertain and inform supporters, with multiple advertising options for brands. One option being the banner ad which plays a minimum of 40 times on match day. Hundreds of screens entertaining tens of thousands of fans a across the UK.

High Dwell Time
  • Fans spend on average over 2 hours per match in our stadia
  • If they are not at their seats, or in the washrooms, they are in front of our screens
  • Fans watch our screens for information & highlights
Relevant content
  • 100% football content on the screen
  • We know who is watching and why, brands can take advantage
  • A chance to become a part of the match day ritual of thousands
  • Drive fans online to your website or your brand social feeds
  • Fans watch our FanTV system with their mobile phone on them, giving them the chance to respond there and then (or set a reminder to do so later)
  • Advertising available on both the lower horizontal banner and the main panel showing the main content
  • Use existing content from TV spots (audio included), LED pitchside boards or web banners
Group setting
  • Become part of the conversation
  • People tend to remember the advertisements they talk about, and they talk about advertisements they see together
Feel good setting
  • Fans tend to like brands who advertise at their ground more than those that do not; you're supporting their team!
  • A very low cost 'in' to supporting a club commercially: free feel-good



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