Our in-stadia TV system used by clubs to entertain and inform supporters, with multiple advertising options for brands. One option being our main panel on our FanTV which gives you as an advertiser prime spots to play your advert. Before, during and after the match with a minimum of 6 times per match. captivating the audience and holding their attention when it matters most.

High Dwell Time
  • Fans spend on average over 2 hours per match in our stadia
  • If they are not at their seats, or in the washrooms, they are in front of our screens
  • Fans watch our screens for information & highlights
Relevant content
  • 100% football content on the screen
  • We know who is watching and why, brands can take advantage
  • A chance to become a part of the match day ritual of thousands
  • Drive fans online to your website or your brand social feeds
  • Some will even take a photo of the advertisement to make a note of contact details & offer codes etc.
  • Fans watch our FanTV system with their mobile phone on them, giving them the chance to respond there and then (or set a reminder to do so later)
Perfect timing
  • Adverts play at theĀ  perfect time in a relevant setting around the match. Before, during and after.
  • Knowing our audience helps us to get the most out of your advert.
Group setting
  • Become part of the conversation
  • People tend to remember the advertisements they talk about, and they talk about advertisements they see together
Feel good setting
  • Fans tend to like brands who advertise at their ground more than those that do not; you're supporting their team!
  • A very low cost 'in' to supporting a club commercially: free feel-good



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