Using a network of A3 poster frames within football and cricket clubs we can get brands in front of 18-35 year old men while they are doing something they love.

Our network of changing room posters gives advertisers a chance to cost effectively engage with very difficult to reach audiences whilst also enabling them to support grassroot clubs. Sustainability is supported with a minimum of 1/3 of all cash billed going directly to supporting grassroots.

Why consider advertising in and around grassroots football and cricket clubs?

  • Grassroots sports clubs are incredibly important in their community and serve many more uses than just a place to play sport; in many towns and villages they are a type of town hall/community meeting space.
  • Team sports bring people together by the nature of them being team sports. They promote social interaction between people of all ages and benefit the people and communities they serve.
  • Grassroots clubs are visited by people who simply love sport. They don’t just like sport enough to watch it on the telly. They love sport enough that they go and participate. These people are addicted to sport – in our case these sports are football and cricket.
  • Most grassroots clubs have youth teams attached to them, every professional footballer or cricketer started at a grassroots club. They are the breeding ground for the future of the sports.
  • Without grassroots clubs, would the professional game exist?

“Grassroots sport is an important activity because of its contribution to the EU economy and the value it renders to society as a whole.”

“In the UK, there is limited state support.”

2011 European Union study on the funding of grassroots sport in the EU

“…41% of football clubs said financial sustainability was a challenge they were currently concerned about or likely to face in the next 2 years…”

BBC’s Dan Roan commenting on the Sport & Recreation Alliance’s October 2013 research

“Research from Eurosport, ZenithOptimedia & Synovate indicates that investment in the grass roots of sport is of critical importance to sponsorship effectiveness during a time of recession.”

Makesportfun.com 2010

“Sport on a grassroots level can play an important cohesive and inclusive role in society. It can bring together people from various different backgrounds, and allow socialisation and emancipation of individuals. Sport is part of a socially, physically and mentally healthy society,

and can therefore make an important contribution towards achieving this. Participation in sports activities can decrease the risk of illness and improve the well-being of citizens, leading to savings in the healthcare system. Sport is also tool for individuals to develop themselves, to achieve something – whether it means a better physical condition, learning new skills, looking better or something else.”

European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation at the House of Lords Social Policies and Consumer Protection sub-committee 2010

Players realise each advertisement helps the home club and its facilities and therefore know it is very likely the income from advertising will be used to help pay for their kit and equipment

Research suggests 65% of our audience remembers seeing the poster in question, that 44% said it made them feel better about the brand. This increases to 69% when told the brand is financially supporting the club through revenue shares.