Football & Music

Football & Music.

It's one of those great partnerships in life.

In fact, both football and music are full of them - from Shearer and Sutton taking Blackburn Rovers to the title in the mid-90s to the musical partnership between Andre 3000 and Big Boi resulting in Outkast breaking new ground in hip-hop.

But sometimes, when the stars align, that most rare of things happens: a partnership crossing from one discipline to the other with epic results...

In the football world we knew them as Hoddle and Waddle.

The music world came to know them as Glenn and Chris.

Check them out:

You might be surprised to hear that we feel there's more to football & music than Glenn & Chris.

We've been having a look at our audience of football fans, and what makes them tick, and then cross referencing this against the advertisers and categories that we feel should be targeting them.

What you see on this page is the result of that work, and will hopefully prove to you (if you are someone who works with music-related brands) that we should be talking about how we can get your product, client, brand or service in front of people who are plainly not just football-mad but music-mad as well.

In fact, if you're bored already you can just sit back and watch this video which explains it all:

Oh, and you can also test your own music & football knowledge with our quiz on the subject:

Have a read through the rest of our thoughts below, you can expand each section by clicking the little '+'.

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Yes we do, here are three music-specific case studies, and you can find the rest of our non-music ones elsewhere on the resources section of this site.

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Music plays a HUGE role in football. From the national anthems to football chants sung at matches all across the world. We think there's something in the passion that tends to go with each. Fans and stadium managers appreciate the passion both music and football provide to one another creating an immense atmosphere - have you ever been to a stadium that doesn't play music before the game?

Have you ever been to a game where the fans don't sing?

Music and football tend to have in common a sense of belonging among the groups of fans. You get the same kind of interaction between fans of the same football team and fans of the same band. There's almost a tribal nature to both, and we think it's good that we offer advertisers the chance to get involved and enter this usually impenetrable setting.

Football and music both tend to unite people.

We feel music plays a huge part in football as it brings the fans even closer together. Sharing the same chants and singing with all their heart for their team.

Furthermore, football stadiums are used as venues for a lot of concerts and music events.

It's obvious to us how closely linked music and football are, and hopefully you agree, just how Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Apeman Spaceman and Headliner all have recently.

Yes, check it out below (click to enlarge):

If you mean aside from logic and loads of anecdotal experience? Yes 🙂

Here are a few articles you might find interesting if you are looking to the link between football and music...

The unique synergies between football and music - FIFA

This article from none other than FIFA talks in great depth about the synergies between football and music. Yes they talk about some stuff that we don't really agree with, for example: "It was due in no small part to the World Cup in South Africa that Shakira’s Waka Waka stormed to the top of the charts all over the world in 2010." But then they also talk a lot of sense: "You need your feet for football and you need words for music, but fundamentally they arouse one and the same thing: passion."  You can read the whole piece for yourself here.

From Blue Moon to Beatlemania: the link between football and music - FourFourTwo magazine
This is a nice piece giving you a bit of background/history and backs up most of what we've been saying elsewhere on here. There is a nice example of the link with the story about Noel Gallagher being part of the launch of Manchester City's 2012/13 kit! Read all about it here. Well worth a read it is, too, although ignore the bit they say about John Barnes's rap, they're simply wrong.

A psychological theory to explain how music helps footballers prepare for the pitch - The Conversation

Yep, we've put this one last because we didn't quite understand every word of it/much of it, but it seems to suggest that music and football is even more closely than we've suggested up until now - it's not just fans who love music, but it seems to make players play better! Read the whole article here.